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Places of Worship

Imagine what it would it be like if 500 years from now when people look at our places of worship...

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While I was on the road to Jericho...

Reflection of my journey to the "Holy Land"

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My argument to change the understanding of the word "Elder" to "Steward"

This is an academic article in which I discuss the roles of Elders in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and argue about changing the name due to the change of their consequent roles in the congregation

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Josh's Jottings: Suicide versus early separation

This is an academic argument about how we refer to and discuss as ministers the issue of suicide. 

Josh's Jottings: June 2, 2020

This is just one of my creative newsletter articles

Josh's Jottings: The pitch blackness

This is one of my newsletter articles discussing "vision"

Josh's Jottings: On the wings of angels

Inspired by the image of the sunset we are taken through the world of a young boy's eyes.

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